Best Books for Class 10 CBSE

Students who are preparing only for Board examinations may require only NCERT book for science and NCERT and RS Aggarwal book for mathematics.

Students who are preparing for Competitive examinations also (like JEE/NEET foundation or NTSE) should by RD Sharma for mathematics and other references books for science which are given below.

Best books of mathematics for class 10th CBSE students

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NCERT Mathematics for class 10
Mathematics for class 10 by RD Sharma
Secondary School Mathematics for Class 10 by RS Aggarwal and V Aggarwal

Best books of Science for class 10th CBSE students

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NCERT Science for class 10
Science for Class 10 Part-1 Physics by Lakhmir Singh
Foundation Science Physics for Class – 10 by HC Verma
Science for Class 10 Part-2 Chemistry by Lakhmir Singh
Science for Class 10 Part-3 Biology by Lakhmir Singh