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Structure of the Atom: Class 9 CBSE

physics class 10

Structure of The Atom Thomson’s Model of an Atom Thomson proposed that:  Rutherford’s Model of an Atom Conclusions drawn from the α-particle scattering experiment Drawbacks of Rutherford’s model of the atom Neutrons Atomic Number Mass Number  Isotopes Applications of Isotopes…

Is Matter Around Us Pure? ppt

Is Matter Around Us Pure?
Please download the PowerPoint presentation (PPT) of the chapter "Is Matter Around Us Pure?" from here. I used this ppt in my class and students can use this ppt as a short note on the topic Is Matter Around Us Pure?

Carbon and Its Compounds 

Chapter 4: Carbon and Its Compounds  Introduction: Two or more elements combine to form a compound. There are two types of compounds: Organic Compounds and Inorganic Compounds. Organic compounds are made up of carbon and hydrogen (generally known as hydrocarbons)…